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Perform physical activity

To obtain a benefit in your health it is enough with 30 minutes of daily exercise.
Just that small amount a day has a very positive impact on health, helping to reduce the risk of disease, improving your mood and helping you maintain and even improve your social life and relationships. It’s also an ideal plan to involve family and friends in activities that take them out of the routine and into a healthy lifestyle – just find your own motivation and start moving!

Eat right

As the body changes, so do nutritional needs. Over the years we tend to neglect our diet, so achieving the recommended daily intake of key nutrients can be challenging. It is recommended that you follow a varied and balanced diet that includes the nutrients necessary for your body. A good way to start the change to improve your diet is to be aware of your nutritional mistakes. However, before making any major nutritional changes if you have any doubts, talk to your doctor about it!

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