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Which are Better: Natural Vitamins Or Vitamin Supplements?


There is considerable reluctance on the part of some people regarding vitamin supplements and other products with similar characteristics. They see it as something artificial that can be harmful to the body. If you’re wondering which is better: whether natural vitamins or vitamin complexes, here’s how it works.

What The Body Needs

The body needs enough vitamins to be able to regulate vital functions. Among other things they influence hormone regulation, the formation of tissues and blood cells.

However, not all of these nutrients can be created naturally by the body. In most cases they will be incorporated through the diet.

What is really important is that the body is endowed with all the nutrients it claims. This will require that we adjust the dose of vitamins you need, which can be through food or through vitamin supplements.

The appropriate thing would be that all these vitamins that the organism receives arrive through the foods that we consume, but the adequate dose will not always be reached. In that case we will have to resort to supplementation to correct this natural deficit.

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What Are Some Good Vitamins

In some cases, such as vitamin K, supplementation is even more beneficial than the diet itself. This vitamin is of great value for the formation of red blood cells and the coagulation of blood.

Synthesis makes it easier for many vitamins to be added normally and in precise doses to the daily diet. If it could not be so, we would be facing a major problem.

It could be said that the most important thing of all, regardless of the origin of the vitamins, is to provide the body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to enjoy good health and allow it to continue functioning normally. Between one and another option, it is always advisable to first bet on a balanced and healthy diet, but there would not be any inconvenience to take these vitamin complexes.

There is no better option than the other. So you have to get rid of the idea that artificial things are more harmful than natural things. As we have just seen, in certain situations vitamin supplements end up becoming a great option to provide the body with essential nutrients.